REAL Fashion Photography

An exhibition of images that portray the world of fashion in ways that resemble everyday life.

NOW - March 16, 2019
Ringling College of Art and Design
Hao Zeng, Zuoye, Manami, Gao, 2017

A mixture of photographs that have appeared in periodicals with those that have appeared in galleries, REAL Fashion Photography brings together voices from creators in the industry with those who consume and critique its ideals and iconography.

These images include the glamorous banalities of Sloan Laurits, Hao Zeng, and Reed + Rader, and the self-referential, appropriated visual tropes of Natalie Krick and Emma Bee Bernstein. The result is an exhibition that presents the genre of fashion photography as being a function of today’s socio-economic norms, diverse communities, banal settings, and wide range of traditional and digital technologies.

Ringling College of Art and Design
in the Richard and Barbara Basch Visual Art Center