Reflections in Glass and Gold @ Art Uptown

Art Uptown Gallery presents a two-woman exhibit with glass artist Esther Jensen and painter Cecile Moran

Esther Jensen

January 27 – February 23, 2018
Art Uptown, Sarasota

Esther Jensen is a native of Denmark, she was raised near the North Sea. Now she has a year-round studio on Sarasota Bay. Her fused glass involves the use of a kiln. “I start by cutting all the pieces of glass, then I assemble and place them on a board in the kiln,” Jensen explains. “I increase the temperature slowly. When the glass becomes molten, the different pieces fuse together into a solid piece. This takes about 24 hours. Then I either slump the piece into a mold or drape it over a form to finish the piece.”

Esther Jensen
Gemini by Esther Jensen

Cecile Moran is a third generation artist, calligrapher and illuminator, learning at an early age the traditional methods of applying gold leaf. Moran taught high school, adult education and college classes in Spain, California, New York and Florida. She brings her impressions of all these places into her current painting, but today is especially inspired by the Florida environment. “The infusion of the gold leaf illumination brings my work full circle,” Moran comments.

Cecile Moran
A New Dawn by Cecile Moran

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