Head Cream: Neil Bender @ Tempus Projects

Head Cream: Neil Bender

Saturday, November 18,2017 (7-9PM)
Tempus Projects, Tampa

Tempus Projects, is pleased to present Head Cream, recent works by artist Neil Bender. Bender’s exhibition, Head Cream is an assortment of ‘paper objects floating a disjointed stage of flattened, painted limbs’.

Neil Bender’s work is the epitome of Boucher’s quote:

“I detest the natural world because it is too green and poorly lit”

The aim of the work is to seduce and give pleasure through imagery that is social and accessible, that loves the idea of surface as a way of picturing honest yet mischievous belief systems. The work is a communicative device that takes imagery that is exploited by our popular culture and forms a new interface for open dialogue, with an interest in pleasure, sensuality, and black humor as the starting points. Through a restructuring of provocative images, he hopes to open up new contents that are potentially morally questionable.

Head Cream: Neil Bender
Head Cream: Neil Bender @ Tempus Projects

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Tempus Projects
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