Upholding Tradition – Tattoo Art of Karl Boardman

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September 24 – October 15, 2016
Solid, Sarasota

Ancient as time, modern as tomorrow – tattooing is an age old art form that never stops progressing. Karl Boardman is an artist giving the traditional flash style fresh blood. “I like to pay homage to the history of tattooing,” says Boardman, “I honor the classic guidelines and add my touch.”

Karl Boardman

Boardman is an artist born and raised in Florida. He apprenticed at a shop in San Francisco and recently relocated to Sarasota. He is one of the few tattoo artists in Sarasota who draws in the traditional style. He currently works out of Liberty Tattoo Club. Follow Karl Boardman’s work at www.instagram.com/hellsgnaw/

Closing Reception Party for the current exhibit “Upholding Tradition” is coming up next Saturday the 15th from 6-9pm

530 south Orange ave, Sarasota, Florida 34236