Environmental ReFlux by Pamela Callender

July 18 – August 2013
Bay Preserve, Osprey, FL

Join Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast for an Environmental Art exhibit and reception with artist Pamela Callender on July 18 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm. The exhibit, entitled “Environmental ReFlux”, focuses on the artist’s fascination with the unintended visual evidence of human existence in the environment. This series depicts the natural beauty of our surroundings as it interplays with the traces of man’s uncaring actions and thoughtless abuse. Ms. Callender holds an MFA from Goddard College. The reception with remarks by the artist will be held at the foundation’s headquarters at Bay Preserve at Osprey, 400 Palmetto Avenue in Osprey. RSVP to 941-918-2100. Artwork is available for purchase. The exhibit runs through August 2013 and may be viewed during business hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Pamela Callender, Filling Station

Environmental Art is a broad term for art made with, on, or about the environment.  It includes such work as earth sculpture, found object art, Eco Art, and photography which speaks to life sustainable issues. Throughout her career, Pamela Callender has continued to explore new means of visual expression inspired by music and movement. Her more recent work utilizes mixed media, photography and sculpture to explore the fine line between the beauty and the degradation of human impact on the environment.  Learn more at www.pamelacallender.com


Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast works with landowners, businesses, and government to protect the beauty and natural integrity of bays, beaches, barrier islands and watersheds on the Gulf Coast. The Foundation purchases natural areas, holds conservation easements and educates for responsible stewardship. Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast also works with Sarasota County’s acclaimed environmentally sensitive lands program, their neighborhood parks program, and is a nationally accredited land trust. Learn more at www.conservationfoundation.com

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