Branches and Instinct by Micah Mathewson

Being an artist leaves a lot of time to think about all of the branches art creates. There is a branch of communication, one that does not effect the individual creating but those that witness the creation. In other words, I find myself thinking about how to better connect with the viewer of my art. There is also a branch of opportunity that shows all of the choices and paths available due to being an artist. From the schools that become specialized for me, to the food, materials, and car I can attain, art opens doors of opportunity. Finally there is a branch of self worth and purpose. This branch reflects all reasons why I am creating. It can be spiritual, therapeutic, imperative, destructive, and even for the simple reason of needing to create, and more often than not, I find it is all of these reasons at once.

Rapture and Former Deer, 48”x24”, acrylic + ink on canvas
Rapture and Former Deer, 48”x24”, acrylic + ink on canvas

The ideas of art and creativity themselves seem to often be constrained. Not as a whole, but per individual. If a man paints a beautiful painting, both aesthetically and in meaning, then is recognized for that painting, it has become second nature to label him a “painter”. When in reality the painting is proof that this man has the capability of truly displaying actual thought and process by physical means. So in turn, this man isn’t a “painter” but an artist who has painted. I believe an artist to be someone who instinctively creates, and uses materials that, through experimentation, becomes just as instinctive as their will to create. Art has so impacted my life in this way; It has given me a reason to question all branches of life and a means to feed my instinct to create.

Micah Mathewson, Grouch, 8" x 11", ink + vinyl on paper, 2013
Micah Mathewson, Grouch, 8″ x 11″, ink + vinyl on paper, 2013



Micah Mathewson was born in  Knoxville, Tennessee, and it was here his art began to first evolve. After the death of his father in 2005, Mathewson moved with his mother and brother to the rural and quiet Anna, Illinois. Experimenting with new forms of art, including photography, he trained his eyes to capture the most minute details of the tranquil world around him.
Mathewson, now living in Venice, Florida at 18 years old, has gone on to win several awards including the prestigious 2012 Omar Cooper Award for the visual arts, and the 2013 Dr. Ken & Chris Pfahler Merit Award through the Education Foundation of Sarasota’s Evening of Excellence.

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