An Open Invitation by Kasey Lou Lindley

Hey there!

So, I moved back to Sarasota a short while ago. I was originally going to write about the fluctuating art scene in Sarasota, and why the youth feel compelled to move… but I’m over that now. I’m pretty nomadic myself, so I get it. AND, the Harvey Milk Festival happened, which was great, so thank you for that!

I’ve decided that what I would like to focus on is fostering and building up the alternative art community within, and close to, Sarasota. I’ve come to terms with its “ebb and flow” and I’ve decided I’d like to embrace it, and learn from it as well. Soooo, I’d like to propose an experiment of sorts. I’ve participated in several collectives, and I’d like to get another one going here. This “collective” wouldn’t really be about making money or specifically for visual arts either – it would mainly be for a learning experience, experimentation, and fun. Kind of like the Gutai Group, but different. I ‘m interested in bringing multiple aspects of the community together to create a contemporary Think Tank of sorts – this would entail art shows, open studios, group discussions, critiques, music, poetry; you name it. I envision this as an open group that is non-discriminatory. Are you currently a student or graduate? Great! Never been to art school? That’s great too! We can all learn from each other. I’m also interested in reaching out to writers, musicians, intellectuals, and folks outside of Sarasota as well (St. Pete? Tampa?). If you’re interested in this experiment, please feel free to contact me at Don’t be shy. I intend to be contacted by folks from all walks of life, which could make for something extremely interesting (and hopefully ambitious). I plan to be here for awhile!

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  1. Kasey, your attitude and ambition is truly refreshing. Hopefully soon others will appreciate your dedication to the arts in Sarasota. After relocating from Sarasota to Austin, Tx, I now realize the wealth of artistic opportunity still available in the South Florida area. I look forward to working with you in the future. Your zeal and vigor are truly inspiring. Best, Maria

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