“Hypothetical New Year’s Resolutions from Contrary Art Minded Sarasotans” by Pamela Beck

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~ I promise to stop finding fault with the Chalk Festival and being such a killjoy.

~ I’ll stop using post cards of the Sarasota sculpture “Unconditional Surrender” over which I’ve scribbled, Not in my Backyard, as my personal stationary.

~ I will go to art shows in St. Pete and Tampa and stop blaming my laziness on the long drive, the heat, my poor sense of direction or being a one car family.

~ I will join a gym to get myself in walking shape for Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 so I don’t expect to rely on their promised, yet nonexistent working shuttles and available taxis.

~ I will never again use my cell phone while I “contemplate light, perception and experience” in James Turrell’s Skyspace, “Jacob’s Coat”, at the Ringling Museum. (Or at least I’ll change my ring tone from “She’s a Brick House.”)

~ I’ll finally sign up for the art class I’ve always wanted to take rather than pretend my time is better spent studying “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quickbooks.”

~ I’ll stop sending medical school catalogues to my undergrad son who wants to become a potter.

To An Art-Filled New Year!Happy 2013!

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5 thoughts on ““Hypothetical New Year’s Resolutions from Contrary Art Minded Sarasotans” by Pamela Beck”

  1. Nothing like a sense of humor to welcome in the New Year.
    May the creative spirit inside all of us continue to bloom in 2013!!

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