The Goods: Weekend News (06.08.12)

Sarasota Visual Art’s round up of articles, information, upcoming exhibitions, and events. Defining art events, USF CAM, Miami-based artists, printmaking, Summer Show, SCF

The Farther South You Go the Further North You Are

What does it mean to be Floridian and how would this manifest itself in art? It’s only in recent years that St. Petersburg, for example, has been able to shed the rep as “God’s waiting room”.

Don’t Try to Understand an Artist by Pamela Beck

Consider Jackson Pollock’s approach to defining artists and their art: “Every good painter paints what he is.”

Knowing the Difference – Defining Art Events by Tim Jaeger

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that not everyone reading this is a die-hard Gallery Go-er. Perhaps you’d like to see what’s “out there” and I am here to help you figure out what, exactly, it is that those art show terms mean.

USF CAM presents – In Residence

In Residence brings together the work of four Miami-based artists who focus artistic inquiries on the contested space between the natural and the built environment.

Clothesline Presents – Process Obsessed

With the refinement of traditional processes or discovery of new techniques, Process Obsessed explores the methods behind printmaking, prompting the question: what is a print? Although the content of each artist differs, the process and methods unifies these practitioners and is a testament to the constantly varied, yet innovative approach brought into printmaking.

Hot Summer Show 1 Exhibition

A variety of media will be showcased in each of the exhibitions including oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, as well as, mixed media works on paper, photography, and sculpture.

SCF Embraces Differences 2012

The exhibition will feature five quotations by SCF students and staff that were selected by “Embracing Our Differences 2012,” a slideshow of additional quotations from SCF that were submitted to the competition and artwork by SCF Collegiate School students.