Reader Response: Why Sculpture Matters (and the time for public events)

A Sarasota local sends us a letter in response to a recent posting about Season of Sculpture’s upcoming event which is being held April 13.


Dear Sarasota Visual Art,

I recently read the post of the “Why Sculpture Matters” by Board of Directors of the Sarasota Season of Sculpture, and in doing so have to admit that while I would’ve liked to attend this event on Friday, I simply cannot afford the ticket and cannot get the time off of work. This brought up a larger issue that I want to address to our Arts Leaders and City Commissioners.

Roughly 53% of the Age Distribution of Sarasota County is between the ages of 18 and 65, and roughly 63% of that age group works full time. Full time—meaning 9 to 5 and sometimes if not always more.

Over the course of the last few years, many important public and private events, lectures, and meetings have occurred regarding the visual arts. To name a few, this includes the presentation(s) of Unconditional Surrender (2:30 p.m.) in which public input was allowed, the meeting regarding Interactive Public Art and Presentation of the painted murals in the Palm Avenue Parking Garage (1 p.m.) (which by the way eventually had an opening reception at 4 p.m.), and most recently the “Why Sculptures Matters” which is a full day event lasting from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Regardless of whether you are pro or con for these various installations and events, it is important that we have the opportunity to support or oppose the decisions and events in our community–in this case regarding the visual arts. If the times of these events cannot be adjusted, it is important for our leaders to recognize this issue and make accommodations so that our voices can be heard.

– Anonymous Reader


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