The Goods: Weekend News (02.10.12)

Sarasota Visual Art’s round up of information, upcoming exhibitions, and events. Richard Jolley, Mark Dion, Nathan Skiles, Kevin Dean, and Jacqueline Woolf


Featured Content

Interview with Glass Artist, Richard Jolley
Richard Jolley has produced a remarkable body of sculpture that explores the human figure, its timeless beauty, and expressive potential.
Richard Jolley
Richard Jolley, Aqua Dove Amber Branch Green Thistle, Richard Jolley, 2009, 17 by 23 by 8 inches, hot formed glass

Troubleshooting the obvious, a critique on Mark Dion at USF Contemporary Art Museum
Dion replicates the natural through drawings, paintings, and screen-printed images with an ease that only an artist of his caliber could create.

Mark Dion at USF Contemporary Art Gallery

Featured Artist: Nathan Skiles
As a conceptual thread I made connections from the architectural grotesques to the stories of dubious parentage such as Pinocchio, the Golem, and especially Frankenstein. The 100 sculptures in the exhibition represent my own dubious parentage of art object as conceptual descendant.

Golem #2; cuckoo clock with tools, 2011, foam rubber, 13 x 12 x 6 inches


Art Talk at Art Uptown
February 10 (7:30pm) – Jacqueline Woolf will demonstrate her spontaneous abstract painting style using vibrant watercolors and collage mediums.
Realism? Art – Lecture by Kevin Dean
Monday (11:00am) – Lecture by Ringling College of Art + Design Selby Gallery Director Kevin Dean