Serious Sh!t – A One Night only Show

November 12, 2011 (7-11:00pm)
Featuring works by Horsebites, Pale Horse and Embear at Pale Horse Design and Gallery.

November 12, 2011 (7-11pm)
Pale Horse Design and Gallery, 611 Central Ave, St. Pete, FL

Horsebites, whose bold illustrations have made him a highly sought after artist in the music and apparel industry, will delight with a selection of gritty and nasty pen and ink drawings injected with color, caffeine and booze—the true definition of a Horsebites piece.

Serious Sh!t Art Show Teaser from Joe Boccia on Vimeo.

Embear will showcase a new collection of ridiculous doodles inspired by her “wacky” childhood and unique point of view—some sweet, some absurd and some rated M for mature.

Pale Horse questions conventional thinking and pushes cultural boundaries with highly detailed and ornate illustrations and engravings—retching with loud colors and psychedelic intensity.

Fierce, forceful and a little insane. This is Serious Sh!t.

New original artwork, T-shirts, prints and artist products will be available at the opening. Don’t miss it!