Illest of Illustration – Adventures on the Horizon

Illest of Ill

October 14 (7:30pm) – October 24, 2011
Exhibition Hall, Ringling College of Art and Design

In fall 2006, a group of Illustration students created a gallery show to further display to underclassmen a set of skills, talent, dedication, and the creative drive that goes into a piece of artwork. Known as Illest of Ill’ , this art show has quickly become one of the most anticipated shows of the year. Student-run, the exhibition is also juried by world renowned illustrators such as El Coro, Sam Weber, Jillian Tamaki, Andrew Hem & Josh Cochran.

Illest 2011 is run by Scott Prather, Tarrah Belcher
Illest 2012 will be run by: Audrey Gonzalez, Natalie Andrewson and Angeline Chen!

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