The End of the Dial Tone Radical Experimental Collaborative Music Band Band Art Retrospective

January 15 – February 1, 2013
Clothesline Gallery, Sarasota, FL

An art showcase of artwork photographs and video that cumulated from two years of The End of the Dial Tone Radical Experimental Collaborative Music Band Band events. The exhibition will featuring art by Eric De Barros, Van Jazmin, and April Doner. Photography by Scott Braun, Coo-Images Christina Ostrye, and Gabriel Hernandez, typewritings by Zach Skylab, videography by Stephen McFadden. A variety of local organizations are backing the exhibit, including the HuB, Growler’s Pub, Jessica’s Frames, Smokin’ Joes, and even Tube Dude.


What is T.E.O.T.D.T.R.E.C.M.B.B? According to Sarasota Music Scene: John Lichtenstein invites musicians from local bands to collaborate in a mix of music styles, as well as actors, writers, poets, artist, photographers and videographers. Ordinary people that may have otherwise never crossed paths. He throws them into a seemingly chaotic jam session setting with props of statues, lightings and sound effects, musical instruments of all types, sounds and sizes, all resulting in an overload to the senses that the audience’s ears and eyes have never experienced before.

Opening night – Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 from 5-8pm – will have beer by The Shamrock Pub. The show will run Jan.15 thru Feb. 1st. 2013 at Clothesline Gallery. 529 S. Pineapple Ave. Regular hours: Tues-Sat. 12noon-6pm

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529 S. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, FL

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Stephen McFadden shoots 10×10

Stephen McFadden provides you with a video tour of the most recent 10×10 Event held at State of the Art Gallery, March 2012.

See the speakers at this particular 10×10 event here: Introducing Thursday Night’s Leaders: 10×10

The intention of this event is to showcase and introduce a diverse group of leaders from the local creative community. Each speaker will present 10 images. The images will automatically advance every 30 seconds. In 300 seconds and 10 images, each speaker will give us an overview of their background, current work, or interests.

Learn more about Stephen McFadden:

SARTQ: 3rd Annual Print Party (video)

Video shot and edited by Stephen McFadden

Take a glance into the 3rd Annual, s/ART/q Print Party which takes place at The Hub, featuring some of Sarasota’s finest artist. This event is always as much about the community as it is the art. The print party always has something for everyone.