Season of Sculpture, Season VII presents “Shared Ground: Eight Artists-Eighteen Installations” by Pamela Beck

This year, Season of Sculpture presents Season VII’s “Shared Ground: Eight Artists, Eighteen Installations.” Eight highly acclaimed artists of regional, national and international renown, will exhibit eighteen large-scale works throughout Sarasota’s beautiful downtown Bayfront Park from November 16, 2013 through May 2014.

ARTdart: There are as many ways to think about art as there are to create it. Join Pamela Beck in her column, ARTdart, as she explores and considers the different perspectives that define the art world.

Many of us have memories of climbing over outdoor sculpture as children; we were free to explore and react to the look, sense and impact of a work of art in its ever-changing natural surroundings. Free from the encumbrances of traditional indoor settings, we experienced art in a fresh and approachable way; sometimes serious, sometimes playful, but always visceral and untethered from rules of art protocol and gallery decorum.

If we were lucky, this was our introduction to sculpture- to be fully engaged, curious and physically interactive without restrictions; and this is exactly the opportunity Season of Sculpture offers to newcomers and established fans alike over the course of the next six months.

Season of Sculpture is a local not for profit, 5O1 [c] 3 organization that produces a biennial, international exhibition of large-scale sculptures along Sarasota’s bay front. It’s free and open to the public 24/7. Their mission is to enrich the cultural and educational experience of residents and visitors. The organization relies on donors, sponsors, volunteers and artists to bring these nationally acclaimed, international invitational exhibitions to Sarasota.

This year, Season of Sculpture presents Season VII’s “Shared Ground: Eight Artists, Eighteen Installations.” Eight highly acclaimed artists of regional, national and international renown, will exhibit eighteen large-scale works throughout Sarasota’s beautiful downtown Bayfront Park from November 16, 2013 through May 2014.

“Shared Ground,” curated by Fayanne Hayes and Andrew Maass, presents sculpture by Heinz Aeschlimann, Hans Van de Bovenkamp, Robert Chambers, Richard Herzog, Linda Howard, Jun Kaneko, Jae-Hyo Lee, and Boaz Vaadia. Docent-led tours will be offered, as well as public and student educational programs.

A satellite exhibition of the artists’ smaller works will be exhibited at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune building at 1741 Main Street in downtown Sarasota from January 7th through May 3Oth, 2014.
As the director of public relations for Season of Sculpture, I’ve had the opportunity to ask the artists about their work. A series of brief interviews with them will appear in this column, starting with Boaz Vaadia.

2OO8 Bronze, boulder & bluestone 86"h. x 12O"w. x 8O" d. A/P, Ed. of 5
Asa, & Yeshoshafat with Dog, 2OO8
Bronze, boulder & bluestone
86″h. x 12O”w. x 8O” d.
A/P, Ed. of 5


2O13 Bronze & bluestone 91"h. x 36" w. x 36" d. 2/5, Ed. of 5
David, 2O13
Bronze & bluestone
91″h. x 36″ w. x 36″ d.
2/5, Ed. of 5

Boaz Vaadia Bio:

Vaadia was born in Gat Rimon, Israel in 1951; He was a self-taught artist until he could afford to attend the Avai Institute of Fine Arts, from which he graduated in 1971. He taught himself welding and stone masonry and built his first casting foundry for bronze following his graduation.

In 1975, he was awarded his first, of two, American-Israel Cultural Foundation grants to study in the US, where he has lived and worked ever since, in New York City.

Vaadia’s unique sculptures, either in bronze or stacked bluestone slate, evoke his Israeli heritage in a meditative, contemporary, yet sensual style. His work is permanently sited in numerous public collections, as well as museums and private collections throughout the U.S. including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Time Warner Center, NYC; The Ravinia Sculpture Park, Chicago; the Independence Park, Tel Aviv; and The Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, FL.

PB: How long did you think about this sculpture before working on it?
BV: Most of my sculptures take several years of thought and study before I begin carving.

PB: Who/what are some of your influences, artistically or otherwise?
BV: Mainly ancient stonework, but also sculptors like Michelangelo, Noguchi, and Giacometti.

2OO9 Bronze, boulder, & bluestone 76" h. x 12O" w. x 1OO " d. 1/5, Ed. of 5
Family with Dog, 2OO9
Bronze, boulder, & bluestone
76″ h. x 12O” w. x 1OO ” d.
1/5, Ed. of 5

PB: How do you anticipate that your sculpture will look different in the bay front setting?
BV: As my work is layered I believe it will connect well with the environment, looking as though carved by winds from the bay.

PB: What made you choose to do a work of this size?
BV: My work is based on the human scale, allowing viewers to interact with it in a more personal way. The natural materials I work with also help determine the size of my work.

PB: What is your favorite hobby or pastime other than your art?
BV: Meditation and spiritual studies.

2O13 Bronze, basalt & bluestone 65"h. x 9O"w. x 8O" d.
Maaka & Revaham, 2O13
Bronze, basalt & bluestone
65″h. x 9O”w. x 8O” d.



Pamela Beck
Pamela Beck

Pamela is Public Relations Director for Season of Sculpture and a private art consultant. She co-owned Pannonia Galleries in NYC. There she was also an art appraiser, private art dealer, art fair exhibitor and catalogued paintings, drawings and sculpture at Sotheby’s. She was Communications Director for The Essential Element. Pamela has a keen interest in the arts and supporting Sarasota’s future as a lively, diverse and forward thinking city for young and old. Pamela is a member of The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Curatorial & Acquisitions Committee and Institute for the Ages Volunteer.

Reader Response: Why Sculpture Matters (and the time for public events)

A Sarasota local sends us a letter in response to a recent posting about Season of Sculpture’s upcoming event which is being held April 13.

Dear Sarasota Visual Art,

I recently read the post of the “Why Sculpture Matters” by Board of Directors of the Sarasota Season of Sculpture, and in doing so have to admit that while I would’ve liked to attend this event on Friday, I simply cannot afford the ticket and cannot get the time off of work. This brought up a larger issue that I want to address to our Arts Leaders and City Commissioners.

Roughly 53% of the Age Distribution of Sarasota County is between the ages of 18 and 65, and roughly 63% of that age group works full time. Full time—meaning 9 to 5 and sometimes if not always more.

Over the course of the last few years, many important public and private events, lectures, and meetings have occurred regarding the visual arts. To name a few, this includes the presentation(s) of Unconditional Surrender (2:30 p.m.) in which public input was allowed, the meeting regarding Interactive Public Art and Presentation of the painted murals in the Palm Avenue Parking Garage (1 p.m.) (which by the way eventually had an opening reception at 4 p.m.), and most recently the “Why Sculptures Matters” which is a full day event lasting from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Regardless of whether you are pro or con for these various installations and events, it is important that we have the opportunity to support or oppose the decisions and events in our community–in this case regarding the visual arts. If the times of these events cannot be adjusted, it is important for our leaders to recognize this issue and make accommodations so that our voices can be heard.

– Anonymous Reader


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“Why Sculpture Matters” by Board of Directors of the Sarasota Season of Sculpture

April 13, 2012
Speakers and panel members include esteemed artists, arts educators and cultural critics. Seating is very limited so kindly RSVP as soon as you can. We look forward to joining you in conversation about this vital topic!

April 13, 2012
Ringling Museum of Art

Sculpture and public art help define a community. Art in public view is a way of saying, “This is who we are; this is what we want to be; or, in some cases, this is not what we want to be.” That sense of shared civic identity must begin with dialogue and reflection.

Speakers and panel members include esteemed artists, arts educators and cultural critics. Seating is very limited so kindly RSVP as soon as you can. We look forward to joining you in conversation about this vital topic!


(9 a.m.) Coffee and Continental Breakfast

(9:30 a.m) Introduction by Dr. Larry Thompson
President of Ringling College of Art & Design

(9:45 a.m.) “The Importance of Sculpture” by John Henry
Sculptor and Curator of “Under Azure Skies”

(10:45 a.m.) Panel Discussion: “Public Art: Site Appropriateness”
Dr. Larry Thompson, Moderator
Mike Lash, Arts Advocate, Arts Administrator
Mary Ellen Scherl, Sculptor, Arts Advocate
Dennis Kowal, Sculptor and Author
Isaac Duncan, Sculptor, Arts Advocate, Board Member,
Mid South Sculpture Alliance

(1 p.m.) The Enduring Role of Sculpture in the Public Sphere
Geoffrey Bates
Director and Curator, Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park

(1:45 p.m.) Panel Discussion: “The Role of Public Art in Communities”
Bruce Rodgers, Moderator
Executive Director, The Hermitage Artist Retreat
Steven High, Executive Director, John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art
John Henry, Sculptor and curator of “Under Azure Skies”
Katelyn Littlejohn, Project Administrator, Rose Kennedy Greenway Project Boston
Ann Wykell, Public Art Coordinator, Bradenton

(3 p.m.) Panel Discussion: “The Art of Collecting”
Dr. Larry Thompson, Moderator
Keith Monda, Collector and Philanthropist
Allyn Gallup, Director, Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art
Bob Edwards,Collector, Board Member, International Sculpture Center
Phillip Kotler,Collector and Author

(4 p.m.) Closing Remarks by Steven High

(5:30 p.m.) Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres
at Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
5401 Bayshore Road, Sarasota

Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art
1288 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota

$50, includes lunch
Limited seating; RSVP required

The Goods: Weekend News (11.11.11)

Sarasota Visual Art’s round up of exhibitions and events for the upcoming weekend. This features the weekend of Friday, November 11 through Sunday, November 13.

FRIDAY – November 11, 2011

Crystal Classic, Siesta Key Beach
Sand sculpture competition taking place on Siesta Key Public Beach. This year features master sculptors from all over the world, including starts of the Travel Channel’s SandMasters.

Art Opening for Ringling Alumnus Steve Mullins + Students
Ringling College of Art and Design alumnus Steve Mullins will be showing with current students; Cody Berringer and Hiro Hubbard. The exhibit will be presenting a diverse set of works by each artist.

Salvador Dali Museum 11.11.11
The mark of the 10-month anniversary of the new Dali Museum offers special activities throughout the day.

SATURDAY – November 12, 2011

Season of Sculpture: Under Azure Skies
Sarasota Season of Sculpture Announces 2011-2012 Exhibition. This free exhibit of large-scale sculpture returns to Bayfront Park.


Josh DeWeese, Expression in Form
A large grouping of new works that includes painterly vessels based in tradition with contemporary wall pieces that celebrate sublimated drawing and abstract expressionism. Show exhibited at the Mindy Solomon Gallery

Exhibit featuring works by twelve female artists at BLUELUCY Gallery.

Serious Sh!t – A One Night only Show
Featuring works by Horsebites, Pale Horse and Embear at Pale Horse Design and Gallery.

POP-CON – Art, Fashion and Body Art
Art show inspired by POP Art & Graphic Art works at ARTpool Gallery.

Going to an art opening this weekend? Email us your pics of art openings at