In Process

In Process is an exhibition of new works from artists Dustin Juengel, Noelle McCleaf, Nathan Skiles, Sarah Viviana Valdez, and Tom Winchester.

Friday, January 27, 2017 (6PM -8PM)
3080 N Washington Blvd, #40, Sarasota

Media on view include photo-realistic and abstract painting, color and black-and-white photography, and video installation. Each artwork represents the artist’s individual style, as well as the commonality of an investigative approach.

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Meet the Artists

Dustin Juengel
Dustin Juengel earned a BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design and a MA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He is a visiting Faculty member in the FA department at Ringling College and serves as exhibition curator for Art Center Sarasota. His work has been exhibited in the U.S., UK and Germany.

Dustin Juengel
Dustin Juengel

Noelle McCleaf
For In Process, I will be exhibiting new photographs from the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida. I’ve been fascinated by spiritualism and the metaphysical world for most of my life, and I’ve touched on these themes in previous bodies of work. I plan to return to this vibrant community and explore the landscape and its residents as I build upon this new series.

“Spiritualism is the science, philosophy, and religion based upon the principle of continuous life, demonstrated through mediumship”, (Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Rev. Mary Rose Gray).

Modern spiritualism began in the 1840s, and still continues today at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida. Spirit Doors were used during séances so spirits could enter and exit homes easily. Many of them still remain on homes in Cassadaga, but have been closed due to obvious dangers. Spiritualists do not believe in the concept of ghosts, but spirits, who are allowed to come and go, and are not “stuck” as ghosts are often described.

Noelle McCleaf
Noelle McCleaf

Nathan Skiles
Nathan Skiles lives and works in Sarasota, FL and is an instructor at the Ringling College of and Design. Recent exhibitions include: The Clockmaker’s Apprentice, The Hunterdon Art, Clinton, NJ; Black Forest / White Lightning, Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY; Welcome to Tartarus, Welcome to Valhalla, Greene Contemporary, New York, NY

Nathan Skiles
Nathan Skiles

Sarah Viviana Valdez
Valdez’s work is an investigation on play within order, which has been a common occurrence all throughout her undergraduate work up to present. She currently works in a variety of platforms. The medium of curation allows her to assemble exhibitions as a way to often challenge the institution and its predecessors. She uses live performances combining sound and visuals to explore the malleability of environments, both spatially and on the level of human interaction (the audience-performer relationship). Her primary focus as of late has been the use of digital processes in conjunction with microbial substance, under the loose guise of fashion.

Valdez has been working with unconventional materials that biodegrade in order to merge biology with technology. The proliferation of new technological products assimilated into our daily lives has softened our natural senses and is in the process of divorcing humanity from its very ‘human’-ness. Her use of biological and technological materials proposes a needed identity for herself and to our developing counter-culture — to establish a true connection to the natural decaying world by having a symbiotic exchange with the objects we wear as our second skin. Valdez believes that working with multiple tools and platforms creates pathways within each medium and transforms them into useful objectives to aggregate desire, leisure and productivity for the viewer and herself.

Sarah Viviana Valdez
Sarah Viviana Valdez

Tom Winchester
The Black-and-White series is a collection of traditional, black-and-white photographs, created using thirty-five-millimeter film, that are printed in ways which guide viewers’ interpretations toward theories of postmodernism.

This is accomplished by including nuanced cues that expose the physical elements of the medium, in an attempt to create unique objects that allegorically counteract the infinite reproducibility of digital photographs.

By photographing places and objects that illustrate themes of banality, simulation, and fragmentation, then subsequently printing those images in a traditional process that can degrade, stain, or be subject to arbitrary variations outside of my control, the Black-and-White series utilizes photography’s affinity for depiction in order to convey a sense of lost reality.

Tom Winchester
Tom Winchester

3080 N Washington Blvd, #40, Sarasota, FL

SPECTRUM: new work by Petty, Rosenberg, and Skiles

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 28 (5pm-8pm)
Art Center Sarasota

“Spectrum” is an experimental installation that embeds the independent work of three artists— Jackson Petty, Leah Rosenberg, and Nathan Skiles — within the “context of installations of visual and thematic patterns created by each artist,” says exhibit coordinator Nathan Skiles. The works include new paintings and a textual wall installation by Petty, multicolored paint forms/sculpture and a striped wall work evoking remembered color by Rosenberg, with new collages and a large-scale vinyl wall application by Skiles.

“While each of us looks to visual and logical patterns for inspiration and context, Jackson’s fascination with language and brain games evokes a playful antagonism between the structure of the game and the agency of the player,” says Skiles. “Leah engages the complex workings of human emotion and the pursuit of happiness through color, form, flavor and arrangement, and I mine traditional arts and crafts to find lingering and vestigial meaning laying dormant and hiding in plain sight.”

Nathan Skiles
SPECTRUM: an experimental installation of new work by Jackson Petty, Leah Rosenberg, and Nathan Skiles

Art Center Sarasota
707 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, Florida 34236

Interviews from Art Basel Miami Beach by Pamela Beck (2/5)

There are as many ways to think about art as there are to create it. Join ARTdart columnist, Pamela Beck, in this 5 part feature interview series with 5 participants from Art Basel Miami, as she explores and considers the different perspectives that define the art world.

There are as many ways to think about art as there are to create it. Join ARTdart columnist, Pamela Beck, in this 5 part feature interview series with 5 participants from Art Basel Miami, as she explores and considers the different perspectives that define the art world.

Photo by Daniel Perales
Photo by Daniel Perales

s/ART/q is a group of ten professional artists with connections to the Sarasota area, known for engaging the community through unique art experiences: Joseph Arnegger, Tim Jaeger, Amy Williamson Miller, Jeff Schwartz, Nathan Skiles, Tom Stephens, Steve Strenk, Jen Nugent, Daniel Perales and Ariana Franco.

Ariana Franco
Ariana Franco

Day 2 – I spoke with Ariana Franco about s/ART/q’s participation at the Select Art Fair.

PB: This was s/ART/q’s first time showing during the Miami fairs. Were all of the s/ART/q artists represented in this show?

AF: Yes all of the artists were represented.

PB: What was the name of the show where you exhibited and please describe how the Catalina Hotel was converted.

AF: The fair is called Select Art Fair at the Catalina Hotel. The whole hotel was transformed into an art party with a DJ in the lobby in the evenings, artists running around all day and night.

Each guest room was stripped of its usual contents- the bed, end table, phone, television, everything was removed. This left the rooms open for each representative to create a gallery setting.

PB: What were the visitors to this show like?

AF: The visitors varied. Some people were very interested in the work and asked a lot of questions, which made it fun. Others just walked in twirled around and left.

PB: How would you describe the particular energy or spirit of this particular show at the Catalina?

AF: The energy was high. So many amazing, happy, excited people were there, both artists and viewers.

PB: Can you share any specific interesting experience that happened to you?

AF: The most interesting thing that I experienced this year was at Design Miami. I went on Friday early afternoon before working my shift at Select Fair. When I was about to leave, Pharrell Williams was scheduled to talk about his new design book. I managed to stay for long enough to get a photo and a video clip. This was the first time I had seen a celebrity at an art fair.

Photo by Daniel Perales
Photo by Daniel Perales

PB: What was your typical day and night like?

Typical day…. well, because Jen Nugent and I slept in the space, our mornings and evenings consisted of making the room livable with an air mattress and our personal belongings, and then putting it all into the shower in the mornings so the space was once again a gallery. This particular week/event did not have a consistent flow, besides the mornings and late evenings. I went to as many other fairs as I could and looked at as much as I could handle before it felt like my eyes were going to fall out.

PB: How did it feel to sleep in your gallery? Any strange dreams or descriptions to share?

AF: The experience of sleeping in the gallery was good. It was a little difficult in such a small space but I enjoyed it. The first night one of the sculptures fell but I slept through it. And we covered the window to create more hanging space for paintings, so it was hard to get up in the morning without the natural lighting. Besides that it was pretty normal.

Photo by Daniel Perales
Photo by Daniel Perales

PB: Did you see any work you particularly liked?

AF: The artist I really liked was Melissa Jay Craig, who works in paper. The pieces I saw were “Amanita Muscaria” (mushrooms) constructed from handmade paper (by the artist) in book forms. They have a “distinctive clown like appearance” (from the artist’s personal statement). They excited me because they were something you can imagine and believe in both as an adult and child. They contain movement, even though they are still sculptures. They made me giggle, that’s how I knew I liked them. I believe art should evoke a feeling, and they did. I also work in paper, although not to the same extent. She inspired me to really think about what I’m making and what I want to be making and how to achieve that.

PB: Would s/ART/q like to return next year?

AF: I am not sure what we want to do next year. On a personal level it was a great experience; I’m sure everyone else would agree. It provided exposure for each of us individually and collectively, representing Sarasota. We haven’t had an opportunity to really talk about the pros and cons yet.

Read PART ONE: Interviews from Art Basel Miami Beach by Pamela Beck (1/5)

To read more about Pamela, view these links:

Sarasota’s S/ART/Q exhibiting in SELECT Fair Art Basel Weekend

December 5 – 9, 2012
SELECT FAIR, Catalina Hotel, Miami, FL

Sarasota’s artist group S/ART/Q, will complete their 2012 exhibition season with its first out-of-town exhibition in the highly anticipated contemporary art fair, SELECT Fair, taking place in Miami Beach during Art Basel Weekend

December 5 – 9, 2012
SELECT FAIR, Catalina Hotel, Miami, FL

VIP Preview, Wednesday, December 5, 4-10 p.m.

Thursday, December 6-9th, Exhibition open to public 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Sarasota’s artist group S/ART/Q, will complete their 2012 exhibition season with its first out-of-town exhibition in the highly anticipated contemporary art fair, SELECT Fair, taking place in Miami Beach during Art Basel Weekend December 5th- 9th. Formed in late 2008, S/ART/Q is a group of ten professional contemporary artists whose name underscores their connection to the region (a takeoff on the area’s tree letter airport code “SRQ” in combination with the word ART) and the central role that art plays in all our lives, especially here on the cultural coast.

During four consecutive days in December, SELECT will be S/ART/Q’s first group exhibition since its well-attended AVANT GARDEN exhibition January 2012 with Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL. “We feel very fortunate to be invited participate with the SELECT Fair and look forward to helping the visual arts of Sarasota to join the world art platform” says S/ART/Q co-founder Tim Jaeger.

Painting by Tom Stephens

To offset the expenses for S/ART/Q’s participation in the SELECT Fair, S/ART/Q held its annual popular Screen Printing Party with Sarasota’s Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center in September of 2012. Drawing close to 2,000 enthusiasts, S/ART/Q was able to reach its monetary goal while screening over 1,500 prints in 2 days.

SELECT Fair just steps away from the prestigious Art Basel convention center, will be held inside of the Catalina Hotel where 64 of the 190 guest rooms will be transformed into high-energy, collective gallery spaces taken over by the work from galleries, print dealers, collectives and artists. All of the public space inside of the Catalina will be taken over by installations and performances, making SELECT the most eventful and dynamic satellite fair on South Beach. “December marks the beginning of the season in Miami Beach and Art Basel is, without a doubt, one of our busiest weeks of the entire year,” said owner of The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, Nathan Lieberman. “We consider the Catalina one of our most progressive hotel concepts and we are excited to welcome on of today’s most progressive art exhibits to our property.”

Painting by Joseph Arnegger

S/ART/Q includes artists Joseph Arnegger, Ariana Franco, Tim Jaeger, Amy W. Miller, Jen Nugent, Daniel Perales, Steve Strenk, Jeff Schwartz, Nathan Skiles, and Tom Stephens. S/ART/Q produces roaming/temporary exhibitions, creates educational opportunities in the community while exposing the public to how artists function in society and ultimately enhances the arts culture in Sarasota.

For questions, contact Tim Jaeger at 941.400.0598 or

Please visit for more information about S/ART/Q or for information about S/ART/Q’s participation in the SELECT FAIR

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The Goods: Weekend News (02.10.12)

Sarasota Visual Art’s round up of information, upcoming exhibitions, and events. Richard Jolley, Mark Dion, Nathan Skiles, Kevin Dean, and Jacqueline Woolf

Featured Content

Interview with Glass Artist, Richard Jolley
Richard Jolley has produced a remarkable body of sculpture that explores the human figure, its timeless beauty, and expressive potential.
Richard Jolley
Richard Jolley, Aqua Dove Amber Branch Green Thistle, Richard Jolley, 2009, 17 by 23 by 8 inches, hot formed glass

Troubleshooting the obvious, a critique on Mark Dion at USF Contemporary Art Museum
Dion replicates the natural through drawings, paintings, and screen-printed images with an ease that only an artist of his caliber could create.

Mark Dion at USF Contemporary Art Gallery

Featured Artist: Nathan Skiles
As a conceptual thread I made connections from the architectural grotesques to the stories of dubious parentage such as Pinocchio, the Golem, and especially Frankenstein. The 100 sculptures in the exhibition represent my own dubious parentage of art object as conceptual descendant.

Golem #2; cuckoo clock with tools, 2011, foam rubber, 13 x 12 x 6 inches


Art Talk at Art Uptown
February 10 (7:30pm) – Jacqueline Woolf will demonstrate her spontaneous abstract painting style using vibrant watercolors and collage mediums.
Realism? Art – Lecture by Kevin Dean
Monday (11:00am) – Lecture by Ringling College of Art + Design Selby Gallery Director Kevin Dean