SARTQ: HERE AND NOW #Sarasota #Art

SARTQ, Sarasota’s local popular artist collective has reemerged. The now redesigned 501c3 network of accomplished Sarasota and Manatee artists invites you to their first 2015 exhibition.

Here and Now (front)

Featuring artists include: Andrew Long, Cassia Kite, Caui Lofgren, Daniel Miller, Elena De La Ville, Javier Rodriguez, Jenny Medved, Laine Nixon, Larry Forgard, Morgan Janssen, Natalya Swanson, Nathan Wilson, Noelle McCleaf, Steven Strenk, Tim Jaeger, Zachary Gilliland, and curated by Danny Olda

SARTQ events and exhibitions are suitable for all ages and accessible to everyone in the community.


OPENING RECEPTION: August 15, 2015 (6pm – 9pm)
Gallery Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday (11am – 4pm)
Address: 1525 State Street, Sarasota, FL

A CERTAIN SCOPE: Fine Arts Senior Show

February 26 – March 1, 2013
Crossley Gallery, Ringling College

A thesis exhibition demonstrates a collection of work to contemplate human emotion and interaction under a given circumstance.

February 26 – March 1, 2013
Crossley Gallery, Ringling College of Art and Design

Closing Reception – March 1 (7pm-9pm)

A thesis exhibition demonstrates a collection of work to contemplate human emotion and interaction under a given circumstance. Christopher’s work is abstracted imagery found in deemed popular culture magazines. In essence his work is commenting on life occurrence. Anna Mansberger’s series of portraits captures the importance of her subject matter by repetition and showcasing the subject’s belongings. Morgan Janssen’s work manipulates the figure stressing tensions and attitudes in each sculpture. Together we have created a visual showcase of human experiences.


CHRIS SCHUMAKER: I attempt to preserve. Whether preserving a thought, memory or feeling, selected imagery implicates abstracted life occurrences. I’m interested in the interaction of life and how perception plays a roll in shaping our cognition.
I tend to work based in the medium of collage. I most recently moved into the object realm and tend to further my exploration in combining the two. Website: / Email:

ANNA MANSBERGER: My work consists of a series of portraits in a response to the loss of someone near to me. The accumulation of portraits is isolated with simple backdrops to bring the focus to the subtleties and details presented. The paintings reveal an insight to this individual by creating a dialogue between them. Website: / Email:

MORGAN JANSSEN: My work focuses on ambiguous figures by not accentuating a gender but how the body interacts with itself. The figures lead towards their singular selves internalizing their identity in settings of discomfort and awkwardness. I am pushing towards the progression of a unique internal dialogue with each piece. Website: / Email:

2698 Bradenton Road Sarasota, FL 34234

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RAW – Junior Fine Arts Exhibition

Saturday, April 28, 2012
Ringling College of Art + Design, Junior Fine Arts off campus Exhibition

Saturday, April 28, 2012
1549 State ST, Sarasota, FL

Junior Fine Arts off campus Exhibition

Junior fine arts exhibiton

Featuring Artists:

Jabari Anderson
Michael Bailey
Cody Berringer
Miranda Burns
Megan Castellon
Jessica Cattle
Matthew Combs
Dillon Diaz
Alex Ellena
Morgan Janssen
Tracy Keenan
Devon Keene
Freddie Lamoreaux
Sarah Liebman
Darcy Little
Diana Lueken
Anna Mansberger
Walter Matthews
David Morais
Anna Paul
Ellen Phison
Starr Riovo
Ashley Savage
Chris Schumaker
Erin Schweers
Zach See
Alexandra VerEecke
Blair Whiteford

+Business Attire Event