Chalk Festival – Ten Year Anniversary

November 10 – November 13, 2017 (8AM-6PM)
900 Airport Avenue East, Venice
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Chalk Festival 2017
Chalk Festival 2017
Since 2010 the Chalk Festival has displayed the largest gathering of 3D illusions in one location than any other place or any other time in the history of the art form. Innovator of 3D pavement art form, Kurt Wenner, will be creating a piece alongside other world-record holders from all over the world.

3D illusions make the road surface appear to dip inward or rise above as the artists paint intricate designs that become interactive when finished. These illusions are all sorts of sizes from 12 feet and up to 100 feet, taking artists 3-8 days to complete. They are created by one artist or sometimes a teams of artists, depending on the size.

Most 3D illusions will be completed or close to completed by November 11th, when the festival first opens.

Additional Events

Young and Young at Heart
A Visitors Interactive for The Creation of Impromptu Chalk Art

Curated Pavement Art Exhibition
A Select Group of Pavement Artists

Museum Exhibition
Celebrating 10 Years of Chalk & Community

Hot Air Balloon
View the Chalk Festival from 120 feet in the air!

Pavement Music Festival
Local and regional easy-listening and get-up-and-dance – enjoyment!

Completed Artwork Viewing Day
Curated Section, 3D Illusions and Pavement Art

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Chalk Festival
900 Airport Avenue East, Venice

“Hypothetical New Year’s Resolutions from Contrary Art Minded Sarasotans” by Pamela Beck

ARTdart: There are as many ways to think about art as there are to create it. Join Pamela Beck in her new column, ARTdart, as she explores and considers the different perspectives that define the art world.

~ I promise to stop finding fault with the Chalk Festival and being such a killjoy.

~ I’ll stop using post cards of the Sarasota sculpture “Unconditional Surrender” over which I’ve scribbled, Not in my Backyard, as my personal stationary.

~ I will go to art shows in St. Pete and Tampa and stop blaming my laziness on the long drive, the heat, my poor sense of direction or being a one car family.

~ I will join a gym to get myself in walking shape for Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 so I don’t expect to rely on their promised, yet nonexistent working shuttles and available taxis.

~ I will never again use my cell phone while I “contemplate light, perception and experience” in James Turrell’s Skyspace, “Jacob’s Coat”, at the Ringling Museum. (Or at least I’ll change my ring tone from “She’s a Brick House.”)

~ I’ll finally sign up for the art class I’ve always wanted to take rather than pretend my time is better spent studying “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quickbooks.”

~ I’ll stop sending medical school catalogues to my undergrad son who wants to become a potter.

To An Art-Filled New Year!Happy 2013!

To read more about Pamela, view these links:

Origin of Ego, the Artist behind the Lego Man

After a bit of digging in the sand, it suggests that the work of Ego Leonard was created by Dutch guerrilla artist, and 2011 Sarasota Chalk Festival featured artist, Leon Keer.

10/26/2011 (2:00pm)

Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. It’s Ego Leonard, the giant, yellow smiling Lego man that washed ashore the beautiful Siesta Beach yesterday. After a bit of digging in the sand, Sarasota Visual Art suggests that the work of Ego Leonard was created by Dutch guerrilla artist, and 2011 Sarasota Chalk Festival featured artist, Leon Keer.

Lego Man, Ego Leonard

Keer, born in Utrecht, The Netherlands (where Ego mysteriously appeared on the Zandvoort beach in the Netherlands in 2007 among many other locations) in 1970, is an enthusiastic 3D street painter, and 2D artist. Paintings of Keer’s work appear on the site where you can purchase a part of the Ego Leonard phenomena for a couple thousand dollars. The website is registered under Keer’s personal email address, the contact for Keer’s other site featuring his beautifully rendered and detailed works at In addition, Keer is “friends” with Ego Leonard on Facebook, and both are mutual friends with Sarasota Chalk Festival founder, chairwoman, and now master of marketing, Denise Kowal.

(sketch) Terracotta army discovered in Sarasota by Leon Keer - "The painting will not be an attampt to change the history, but rather to give something informative to the public and question the existing environment of its opportunism and society control."

Don’t miss the Sarasota Chalk Festival and Leon Keer’s work coming to downtown Sarasota, Nov. 1-7, 2011. To view Keer’s concept sketch for this year’s Chalk Festival theme “Pavement Through the Ages” visit

Public records for EGOLEONARD.COM showing the owner information.
Lego Man, Ego Leonard
The main website for Ego, a redirect from EGOLEONARD.COM