SARTQ: HERE AND NOW #Sarasota #Art

SARTQ, Sarasota’s local popular artist collective has reemerged. The now redesigned 501c3 network of accomplished Sarasota and Manatee artists invites you to their first 2015 exhibition.

Here and Now (front)

Featuring artists include: Andrew Long, Cassia Kite, Caui Lofgren, Daniel Miller, Elena De La Ville, Javier Rodriguez, Jenny Medved, Laine Nixon, Larry Forgard, Morgan Janssen, Natalya Swanson, Nathan Wilson, Noelle McCleaf, Steven Strenk, Tim Jaeger, Zachary Gilliland, and curated by Danny Olda

SARTQ events and exhibitions are suitable for all ages and accessible to everyone in the community.


OPENING RECEPTION: August 15, 2015 (6pm – 9pm)
Gallery Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday (11am – 4pm)
Address: 1525 State Street, Sarasota, FL

The Truth is Too Convoluted: Kim Anderson & Caui Lofgren

September 14 – October 14,2012
C. Emerson Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL

It has been said that the average person lies between 1-5 times a day. Motivated by malice or kindness, whether to survive, protect, hurt, or seduce, we negotiate our relationships through varying degrees of honesty. In light of the many assumptions correlating truth and art, there are those who have come to embrace the flaws, contradictions, and absurdities that upset the façade of our constructed environment. When in 1923 Pablo Picasso proclaimed, “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth” he anticipated a later cultural shift.

Responding in different ways to this condition, Caui Lofgren and Kim Anderson employ painting and drawing to reflect on the elusiveness of truth. Taking his cue from mass media, Lofgren assembles new fictions appropriated from the coercively seductive icons of popular culture. Vaguely familiar, Lofgren’s images recall Rorschach’s tests, and appear to slip between multiple biomorphic forms. Photography, once revered as concrete evidence, can now more than ever be easily manipulated or altered. By collecting and reinterpreting found amateur photographs Anderson’s work unravels the minutia dividing what is actual and imaginary in the most seemingly treasured and personal of images.

Kim Anderson, Salome Installation

KIM ANDERSON – Born in San Francisco and raised in Honolulu, Kim Anderson is an artist and educator currently residing in Bradenton, FL. She is an Associate Professor of Art at New College of Florida where she has taught painting and drawing since 2004. Collecting and translating found photographs into paintings and drawings reflects her concern for the influence of photography on our behaviors, conventions, and memories. Her work has been exhibited in cities including Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Sarasota, and has been featured in New American Paintings, Studio Visit Magazine, and the Drawing Center Viewing Program. She is a recent recipient of the Sarasota Arts Council John Ringling Individual Artist Grant and has appeared on WEDU’s A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins. She holds an M.F.A. from University of Florida and B.F.A. from California College of Arts and Crafts.

CAUI LOFGREN – Born in Eugene, Oregon and raised in Minneapolis and Northern California, Caui Lofgren received his MFA and BFA from the University of Florida. He is currently the chair of the art program at the IMG Pendleton School in Bradenton, FL and has taught as an adjunct faculty at New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL. His work finds patterns in accumulation where meaning is evoked through hybridization and mutation. A synthesis of the natural and the artificial, symmetrical patterns convey underlying subversive drives, summoning mythical beasts, and eliciting collective obsessions. His work has been exhibited in the Brevard Art Museum, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Art Center Sarasota, and galleries in Miami and Sarasota. His drawings have been featured in the last two yearly publications of Manifest International Drawing Annual (6&7), an international juried survey of contemporary drawing.

909 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705

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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too…Remix Edition

January 13 – February 25,2012
A mixed media exhibition to include, drawing, mixed media installation, painting, photography, and sculpture. There will be special live performance art at the opening reception by Working Method Collective.

January 13 – February 25,2012
C. EMERSON FINE ARTS, 909 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, FL

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too…Remix Edition is a mixed media exhibition to include, drawing, mixed media installation, painting, photography, and sculpture. There will be special live performance art at the opening reception by Working Method Collective.

Artists exhibited: Kim Anderson, Neverne Covington, Gil Demeza, Lew Harris, Regina Jestrow, June Kim, Caui Lofgren, Michael Massaro, Daniel Mrgan, Jason Snyder, Danny Olda

Daniel Mrgan - "You cut a perfect slice", pen, ink, watercolors, colored pencils, 2012

The collective work begins with the relational aesthetic philosophy that the art viewer wants to be more involved in the piece. Realizing that in our current cultural climate much of the watching and looking is now done at home, and that contemporary art can now be something a community of interested people can create or experience together. We like to get the gallery goers involved into the experience in a way that allows some to dive right in and others to tiptoe. We are never bossy, and we never trick people- we just set up the situation and let people engage or not. We have discovered that when this comes together in a way that is thoughtfully semi-choreographed, but elements are genuinely left to chance, a palpable enthusiasm takes over the crowd. We are addicted to creating that enthusiasm.

Working Method Collective: Marnie Bettridge, Jay Corrales, Chalet Comellas, Tyler Dearing, Heidi Haire, Dan Hall, Echo Railton, Christina Poindexter

The group is composed of eight visual and performing artists, each pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Florida State University; Marnie Bettridge, Jay Corrales, Chalet Comellas, Tyler Dearing, Heidi Haire, Dan Hall, Echo Railton and Christina Poindexter. Within our personal studio practices each of us maintain a singular and unique voice that relates to our individual backgrounds and research interests. We are painters, photographers, designers, animators, and sculptors. When the group comes together collectively these varied strengths help to create a rich resource of possibilities. Most of our collective work is ephemeral in nature. As a group we enjoy pointing out that the work or the process of discovery, is the place where art happens and the objects left behind are only the remnants of this amazing experience.