ArtDart: On the Waterfront by Pamela Beck

There are as many ways to think about art as there are to create it. Join Pamela Beck in the second installment of, SeeSaw, to her current column, ARTdart, as she observes and explores various visual art exhibitions and happenings in the Gulf Coast area.

ARTdart: There are as many ways to think about art as there are to create it. Join Pamela Beck in the second installment of, SeeSaw, to her current column, ARTdart, as she observes and explores various visual art exhibitions and happenings in the Gulf Coast area.

“My most successful relationship has been with water,” a newly single artist recently told me.
I laughed.
“I know that sounds funny, “ he continued, “but we’ve been together forever and it’s the only influence I’ll let dominate me; or at least the only one I’ll admit to,” he added with a devilish smile.
That’s what makes horse races; but seriously, nobody with a beating heart can live in Sarasota and not be affected by the pervasive presence of water.
In the conversations I have with local artists, water is often mentioned as a favorite muse. Whether referenced for its beauty, power, mystery or ever-changing properties, water leaves an indelible mark.
Here’s a sampler of what I SeeSaw around town:


Susan Zukowsky
Missing Girl, 2OO3
Mixed media collage: appropriated paper images, rubber ball, wire, glass beads, thread
2O 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches
Jack Dowd’s 27 & Susan Zukowsky
Selby Gallery, Sarasota FL, 34234

Bruce Marsh
Bay Light
Oil on canvas
60 x 65 inches

Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art
1288 N. Palm Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34236


Irene Gorman
Sarasota Journal

Florida Flavor
Art Center Sarasota
707 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34236


Arnold Desamarais
The Quiet Calm
oil on panel, 2011
18 x 24 inches

Stakenborg Fine Art
1545 Main Street
Sarasota, Fl. 34239
Maro Lorimer Old Florida acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 36 x 24 inches
Maro Lorimer
Old Florida
acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 inches

Art Uptown
1367 Main St
Sarasota, FL 34236

Beatrice del Perugia
Siesta Gold
acrylic on canvas
18″ x 18″, framed 22″ x 22″

Dabbert Gallery
76 S. Palm Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34236


Sigrid Olsen
Marina Magic
mixed media
14 x 17 inches framed

Sigrid Olsen Art
4O7 S. Pineapple Ave.
Sarasota, FL, 34236


Pamela Beck
Pamela Beck

Pamela co-owned Pannonia Galleries in NYC. There she was also an art appraiser, private art dealer, art fair exhibitor and catalogued paintings at Sotheby’s. Perhaps it’s not surprising that she is also a psychotherapist. She has a keen interest in the arts and supporting Sarasota’s future as a lively, diverse and forward thinking city for young and old. Pamela is a member of The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Curatorial & Acquisitions Committee and Institute for the Ages Volunteer.

The Goods: Weekend News (03.02.12)

Sarasota Visual Art’s round up of information, upcoming exhibitions, and events. Gale Fulton Ross, Janet Echelman, Sarasota Museum of Art, Lynn Davison, Aaron Board, Sean Pearson, Kyle Petreycik, Robert Baxter, Beatrice del Perugia, Helen Romeike-Wisniewski

Featured Artist: Gale Fulton Ross
My only challenge is what do I want to paint on what day. I paint because I am free to do so; not to become famous. I am grateful for this blessing; I have the ability to make marks that people want.
Gale Fulton Ross
Red Tide
Taking Imagination Seriously – Janet Echelman visits SMOA
Janet Echelman is an artist who works mainly with commissioned pieces. She approaches her work as a challenge or problem to be solved and only accepts an invitation to create work that betters herself and the community it interacts with.
Janet Echelman at SMOA (Photo Credit: Aleksandr V.Gleyzer, WSLR)
Janet Echelman at SMOA (Photo Credit: Aleksandr V.Gleyzer, WSLR)
“In Your Face” – Figurative paintings by Lynn Davison and Aaron Board
Current – Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art gallery presents an exhibition featuring figurative paintings. The opening reception, with artists in attendance, is March 2, 6-8 p.m.
Lynn Davison
Party Time, Lynn Davison
Beach: Works by Sean Pearson and Kyle Petreycik
Closing March 2 – This exhibition serves as an undergraduate thesis exhibition that reflects each artist’s development in the past months in terms of artistic practice with a focus on sculptural works. Attention to materials, spatial relationships as well as ideas of escape serve as a common conceptual thread between both artists’ work.
Contemporary Contrast: Works by Robert Baxter and Beatrice del Perugia
March 2 – Beatrice del Perugia – “My offbeat way of seeing things makes me laugh. I hope it makes you wonder and smile.”
Dabbert Gallery
"Summer Solsice" by Robert Baxter, oil on canvas 28" x 39"
Hocus – Pocus: Works by Helen Romeike-Wisniewski
March 3 – Helen Romeike-Wisniewski’s roots on Anna Maria Island run deep. Her parents, German immigrants, built the 1950s island home where she currently resides and still spends time creating. Her life, much like her canvas, is rich in experiences.