Tempus Projects: Artificial Paradise

Tempus Projects presents ‘Artificial Paradise’, new work by Jenal Dolson in Project Space.

February 11 – March 10, 2017
Opening Reception, Saturday February 11 (7-9PM)
Tempus Projects, Tampa, FL

Jenal Dolson is the third artist in residence to spend one month in the Tempus Projects residency program, and to have an exhibition housed in the Project Space for one month following her residency. Dolson’s paintings are loosely based on a framework of landscape with notions of place, time, memory – a metonymy based in abstraction. Referencing themes of memory and sentiment of object/place, she abstracts perspective in a way that puts aerial views together with horizon lines and still make reference to the foreground, middle, and background as well as interlacing the systems of classifying maps in a choroplethic /geologic way.

Jenal Dolson
Jenal Dolson

Jenal Dolson graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honors B.A specializing in Painting. She has been living and working in Toronto for the past 7 years. She is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Award, Toronto Arts Council Visual Artist Project Grant, and the Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant. She has exhibited in Canada and the U.S.A.

The event is sponsored in part by The Gobioff Foundation, The Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Stanton Storer Embrace the Arts Foundation, Knox Family Foundation, and Mermaid Tavern. Please join us for an afterparty at the Mermaid Tavern directly following the reception at 9 pm.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/947115965424576/

Tempus Projects
4636 N Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33603

Ringling Underground: Dimension of Style

Ringling Underground exhibiting five regional artists Danielle Dygert, Nathan Freda, Lauren Moradi, Yanuary Narravo, and Manny Rangel.

Thursday, February 2, 2017 (8PM – 11PM)
Ringling Museum, Sarasota

Ringling Underground is a series of one night only events combining live music and experiential artworks in the Courtyard. The event is free for college students with a valid college ID. It is an extension of the Art After 5 program held on Thursday evenings. After hours discounted admission is $15 for adults; $5 for children 6-17, children 5 and under and Museum Members are free.

Meet the Arists

Danielle Dygert
Breadth by Danielle Dygert
Danielle Dygert (b.1993) is a landscape and portrait artist based in Sarasota FL. She received her B.A. from New College of Florida Art department in 2016, with a focus in Classics. Danielle’s paintings are known for their use of mythology and portraiture as a means to challenge identity and persona construction. Mythologies operate in an individual’s mind and societies alike, they depict self-image and cross-cultural views and create potent tensions of changing societies and history. Currently she works as the Administrative Assistant at the Art Center Sarasota and as an instructor at a private studio in Lakewood Ranch. Danielle has exhibited and performed regionally (at venues such as Two Columns Gallery, Tricho, Tampa Museum of Art, and Art Center Sarasota). She is currently working with the Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure on a multidisciplinary performance for the Ringling Museum’s Experiment #42.000 to take place in March 2017.

Nathan Freda
Gavis by Nathan Freda
Nathan Freda, from Tampa, is a 2012 Ringling College of Art and Design alumni who focused in printmaking and sculpture. Previously working in printmaking studios in Sarasota and New York, Nathan now works as a framer in the Tampa Bay area. He has also started selling his soft sculptures and ‘fiber paintings’ on multiple websites. Nathan’s work portrays imagery upon his personal communication skills. The three-dimensional works he create represent a surrogate for himself expressing thoughts and emotions he finds difficult to say aloud. He uses fabric and yarn to convey a ‘welcoming’ feeling. Each object holds a link to a memory of someone or something that he once had a connection to that he cared about at a particular moments of his life.

Lauren Moradi
Kush n Diamon Dust by Lauren Moradi
Lauren Moradi‘s sculptural pieces work to dissect the ideas of the domestic while subtly critiquing the comfort of a living space. By injecting irreverent and often nihilistic humor into the familiar belongings and detritus that she draws her work both welcomes and ostracizes the viewer, aiming to make them feel as if they are simultaneously invited into yet uncomfortably trespassing upon someone else’s private space. Working out of Tampa, FL Moradi received her BFA from University of South Florida in 2012. She has shown at Tempus Projects as well as being a founding member of their project gallery space QUAID.

Yanuary Navarro
Road to Rio Grande Vango by Yanuary Navarro
Yanuary Narravo was born in a tiny village cradled by mountains in Honduras. She studied illustration at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and currently works as a layout designer in the Tampa Bay area.
Her personal paintings and illustrations are part of a series of ongoing visual short stories titled ‘The World of Wolli.’ The pieces are depicted in no chronological order. She has been building the story one painting at a time over the years. Subjects referenced in the works include a love for botany, earth & space science, Sci-Fi, fairy tales, childhood, and Latin American culture.
Over the years the narratives have expanded to include a network of people around her, with their life stories, and how they inspire her. She exaggerates people into these characters in the form of storytelling. Truths are costumed in metaphors which creates inviting images to entertain the viewer. With each piece she reminded that individually we are just a tiny dot in the context of our universe. At the same time that all tiny dots have a purpose. As Dr. Seuss said it best, “ No matter how small.”

Manney Rangel
Contingence by Manney Rangel
Manny Rangel is self taught artist based out of Sarasota, FL. He is described as an Escher like draftsman that stumbled into the worlds of Miro, Tanguy, and Ernst. Symbolism makes it’s presence throughout his work, not only through the objects that are painted but by the techniques and styles he uses. He shows patience, structure, and intricacy in the form of stippling and a childlike simplicity with his use of gouache paints. His interest in the human mind and exploration into his own create a surreal look into man’s constant struggle with structure and simplicity; reality and dreams.

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

5401 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243

FAS 46th Annual Creators & Collectors Tour

The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota presents the 46th Annual Creators & Collectors Tour
March 10 –11, Friday – Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm

Fine Arts Society of Sarasota This self-guided art studio tour provides experienced and novice art lovers with an insider’s look at the 6 private workspaces of Sarasota’s finest artists and our Galleria of 14 artists at Ringling College of Art and Design. Our selected artists join us in fulfilling the Society’s mission to stimulate the Arts in Sarasota County through this event that benefits the Society’s scholarship and educational programs.

Tour-goers have the opportunity to meet with artists in their studios and in our Galleria at Ringling College of Art and Design. The entire scope of the artistic expression is on view – classic, traditional, contemporary, modern and avant-garde – in many disciplines such as printmaking, photography, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, painting and multi-media.

Six artists can be visited in their studios:

Lucy Barber uses oil paint to explore the perception of light in her still-life and landscape paintings. Her simple yet elegant work and her studio both offer a calming oasis.

Marianne Chapel has embraced freedom of imagination in her colorful abstract oil paintings. Her working studio is set with multiple canvases side by side across which Marianne explores different themes of still-life abstraction.

Joan Lyons creates unique and intimate paintings and prints, mixed-media monotypes of torn papers that are often enhanced with ink and pastel. Her works form calm and serene compositions seem to celebrate life.

• Another studio belongs to Chuck Reich, a noted photographer in New York City and Sarasota, whose work has been shown in many group and solo exhibits. Beginning with his original photographs, Chuck uses cutting edge technology to manipulate and transform photos into intense images that often suggest surrealism.

• Sculpture is featured in two of this year’s studios. Duncan Chamberlain is noted for large metal architectural constructions. One can’t miss his barn studio with its monumental eye-catching sculptures in front. Duncan says, “Everybody wants to leave a mark in this world, one way or another.” He has found a way.

• While recognized primarily as a painter working in resin, Andrea Dasha Reich has begun exploring the use of resins as a sculptural medium. Her bright and spacious studio is full of 2- and 3-dimensional treasures, large and small, that amaze and allure the viewer.

Galleria artists on Ringling College of Art and Design Campus:

Our Galleria, located in the Diane Roskamp Exhibition Hall, showcases exciting exhibits of 14 artists. Ringling College of Art and Design student and alumni work is featured in the adjacent madeby Gallery.

Galleria exhibitors are: Penelope Breen, black and white photography; Donna Carrion, jewelry; Jamie Friedli, landscape paintings; Lawrence Hasiak, woodworking; Linda Hugues, representational oil paintings, William Kidd, ceramic sculpture; Cynthia Mason, multi-media abstracts; Raven Skye McConough, collages; Jana Millstone, figurative paintings; Dione Outlaw, jewelry; Vicky Randall, stainless-steel sculpture; Linda Tilson, wearable art; Elizabeth Trostli, digital paintings; and David Wilson, enviro-art sculpture. All the artists will be on hand throughout the tour to discuss their work and inspiration with visitors.

Art at the studios and Galleria is for sale, with the proceeds adding to the funding of the Fine Arts Society Scholarship and Education Programs.

Tickets $20 in advance; $25 day of tour

In Process

In Process is an exhibition of new works from artists Dustin Juengel, Noelle McCleaf, Nathan Skiles, Sarah Viviana Valdez, and Tom Winchester.

Friday, January 27, 2017 (6PM -8PM)
3080 N Washington Blvd, #40, Sarasota

Media on view include photo-realistic and abstract painting, color and black-and-white photography, and video installation. Each artwork represents the artist’s individual style, as well as the commonality of an investigative approach.

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1391918094182614/

Meet the Artists

Dustin Juengel
Dustin Juengel earned a BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design and a MA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He is a visiting Faculty member in the FA department at Ringling College and serves as exhibition curator for Art Center Sarasota. His work has been exhibited in the U.S., UK and Germany.

Dustin Juengel
Dustin Juengel

Noelle McCleaf
For In Process, I will be exhibiting new photographs from the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida. I’ve been fascinated by spiritualism and the metaphysical world for most of my life, and I’ve touched on these themes in previous bodies of work. I plan to return to this vibrant community and explore the landscape and its residents as I build upon this new series.

“Spiritualism is the science, philosophy, and religion based upon the principle of continuous life, demonstrated through mediumship”, (Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Rev. Mary Rose Gray).

Modern spiritualism began in the 1840s, and still continues today at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida. Spirit Doors were used during séances so spirits could enter and exit homes easily. Many of them still remain on homes in Cassadaga, but have been closed due to obvious dangers. Spiritualists do not believe in the concept of ghosts, but spirits, who are allowed to come and go, and are not “stuck” as ghosts are often described.

Noelle McCleaf
Noelle McCleaf

Nathan Skiles
Nathan Skiles lives and works in Sarasota, FL and is an instructor at the Ringling College of and Design. Recent exhibitions include: The Clockmaker’s Apprentice, The Hunterdon Art, Clinton, NJ; Black Forest / White Lightning, Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY; Welcome to Tartarus, Welcome to Valhalla, Greene Contemporary, New York, NY

Nathan Skiles
Nathan Skiles

Sarah Viviana Valdez
Valdez’s work is an investigation on play within order, which has been a common occurrence all throughout her undergraduate work up to present. She currently works in a variety of platforms. The medium of curation allows her to assemble exhibitions as a way to often challenge the institution and its predecessors. She uses live performances combining sound and visuals to explore the malleability of environments, both spatially and on the level of human interaction (the audience-performer relationship). Her primary focus as of late has been the use of digital processes in conjunction with microbial substance, under the loose guise of fashion.

Valdez has been working with unconventional materials that biodegrade in order to merge biology with technology. The proliferation of new technological products assimilated into our daily lives has softened our natural senses and is in the process of divorcing humanity from its very ‘human’-ness. Her use of biological and technological materials proposes a needed identity for herself and to our developing counter-culture — to establish a true connection to the natural decaying world by having a symbiotic exchange with the objects we wear as our second skin. Valdez believes that working with multiple tools and platforms creates pathways within each medium and transforms them into useful objectives to aggregate desire, leisure and productivity for the viewer and herself.

Sarah Viviana Valdez
Sarah Viviana Valdez

Tom Winchester
The Black-and-White series is a collection of traditional, black-and-white photographs, created using thirty-five-millimeter film, that are printed in ways which guide viewers’ interpretations toward theories of postmodernism.

This is accomplished by including nuanced cues that expose the physical elements of the medium, in an attempt to create unique objects that allegorically counteract the infinite reproducibility of digital photographs.

By photographing places and objects that illustrate themes of banality, simulation, and fragmentation, then subsequently printing those images in a traditional process that can degrade, stain, or be subject to arbitrary variations outside of my control, the Black-and-White series utilizes photography’s affinity for depiction in order to convey a sense of lost reality.

Tom Winchester
Tom Winchester

3080 N Washington Blvd, #40, Sarasota, FL


Sarasota visual art collective with new exhibit around the theme of the color red. Palmetto Art Center, February 10 – March 9, 2017

February 10 – March 9, 2017
Palmetto Art Center
Opening Reception Friday, February 10 6-9pm

SARTQ: RED exhibition, will fill the beautiful Palmetto Art Center with glowing color. Whether scarlet, crimson, maroon, vermilion, berry, ruby, rose, burgundy, carmine, brick, or cerise – red is both satisfying and exciting. The strong feelings suggested by the color red – passionate love, blood and anger – are always stimulating!

“A thimble full of red is redder than a bucketful.” – Henri Matisse

The 10 artists in the exhibition celebrate the many ways to see the color red. “Red can boost your energy, it exudes confidence and is life-affirming. In addition, this exhibition gives all art lovers something different to do with their sweethearts for their Valentine’s celebration,” says SARTQ co-founder Tim Jaeger.

The artwork in this group show includes printmaking, collage, drawing, video installation, sculpture and painting. In addition, FREE red silk screened prints will be made for the public right before their eyes while meeting the members of SARTQ. Attendees may bring their own clothing items such as t-shirts, pants, scarfs etc., though any item that can lie flat under the screen and will accept ink can be printed on.

SARTQ: RED exhibition is open to the public with no admission fee. Cash bar and live music by Hunter Brown will be provided. Following the opening reception, the Palmetto Art Center gallery will be open Saturday, February 11th from 11AM – 1PM. Also, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Noon – 2PM, and by appointment.

The 10 participating SARTQ artists include Jeffery Cornwell, Elena De La Ville, Zachary Gilliland, Tim Jaeger, Cassia Kite, Jenny Medved, Laine Nixon, Javier Rodriguez, Steven Strenk, and Jill Taffet

For more information:

The Palmetto Art Center is located at:
907 5th Street West, Palmetto, Florida, 34221.
Right next door to Grower’s Hardware Store