Ringling Underground: April 2, 2015

The visitors to the final Ringling Underground of the Spring 2015 season will encounter a range of mediums including an interactive performance piece with Vincent Kral, paintings by Laine Nixon, sculpture by Matthew Drennan Wicks, and a site-specific installation by Michael Covello. Artists will visually transform the courtyard by challenging the spectator’s perception.

Michael Covello
Michael Covello

“My practice expresses itself through an idiomatic language of hybridized abstraction, where diverse formal elements contradict and complete each other. The spaces I depict within a painting or installation are densely layered and at times antagonistic in their composure; with shallow fields of clashing images, patterns, and color palettes. I am not interested in making work that is easy to view- instead I strive for a language of excess, where a maximalist non- representational vocabulary creates a challenging space for the viewer to inhabit. By provoking my audience to re-evaluate their methods for viewing, I am confronting the typical relationship we have to image, architecture, and environment. The motifs of assembly, demolition, accumulation, and containment are common throughout my work, and highlight the temporal process of creation. For instance, through masking, over-painting, and removal, compositional elements undergo continuous cycles of emerging, shifting, and concealment. Thus, as I work on a piece, attempts to organize a space are constantly being folded back in on themselves as the process evolves. As an artist exploring and reacting to this unsteady terrain, I see my artistic process as a suspension between remembering, forgetting, and rebuilding.” –Michael Covello


Matthew Drennan Wicks
Matthew Drennan Wicks’

“My current studio practice is a process-based exploration of traditional craft in a contemporary context that highlights specific domestic materials and the intrinsic properties of clay. This often leads to the transformation of materials through specific craft-based processes. While notions of beauty, kitsch and class all bubble under the surface of my work, I strive to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of familiar materials and forms and their pre-loaded content.” –Matthew Drennan Wicks

Vincent Kral
Vincent Kral

I will be performing a piece called the Return of the Ink Panther, before the event starts I will set out pink colored Easter eggs all around the space with clues or about the other artists participating and possible hint at some imagined mystery. During the event I will appear as Inspector Clouseau and engage the visitors in character and ask them if they have found any clues. The piece is about enjoying art having fun and interacting with the artists and asking questions. The Eggs can be returned or kept by visitors.” –Vincent Kral

Laine Nixon
Laine Nixon

“I pursue my work through a studio practice, developing non-objective paintings that subtly embody the conflict between visual perception and the physical object. Zuhanden, a series of 4’ x 4’ non-representational paintings, are responsive works where I embed thinned washes, pours or otherwise watery paint within a heavy-bodied, textured acrylic gradation. The first layers are applied thin and wet – they tend to run, dart, bleed, and are generally unpredictable. In contrast, the gradation is a highly organized and repetitive exercise, where I slowly string small beads of paint together increasing the pigment in one-step increments. The process allows me to first experience the thrill and uneasiness of the unknown, and then to enjoy a deep retreat into a slow, meditative period of organizing the initial chaos. The formal challenge that I have issued myself is to see if I can reverse the typical salient and recessive properties of transparent and opaque marks in order to provoke a subtle sense of confusion, a moment of uncertainty.

In my explorations, one constant is that my work must highlight the tension between the painting (the illusion) and what is actually there (the physical object) – or between thought and thing. For me, there is no definitive hierarchy between the two; if asked, I would encourage the viewer to oscillate back and forth in order to experience both realities. I tend to enjoy this ambiguity as a path to refuge which in turn leads me to all kinds of other good things such as understanding, perspective, mystery, or even peace and joy. These are the aspects I wish to share by sharing my work.” –Laine Nixon


Musical entertainment for the evening includes Lady and Gentleman, Maximino, and Young Rapids. Additional details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1612258982341793/

Ringling Underground is always free for college students with a valid college ID. It is an extension of the Art After 5 program held on Thursdays after 5 p.m. After hours discounted admission is $10 for adults; $5 for children 6-17, children 5 and under and Museum Members are free.

Ringling Underground is a rain or shine event. Food and refreshments are available for purchase. Share your Underground experiences on social media using the hashtag:


For additional details about exhibiting at Ringling Underground, please contact the Artist Liaison, Natalya Swanson at nswanson3@gmail.com


Friday, Novermber 1st
Hermitage Artist Retreat
6660 Manasota Key Road
Englewood, FL

The Hermitage Artist Retreat and Englewood Art Center are holding a Plein Air Fest on the Hermitage campus on Friday, November 1st beginning at 8:30 am. Artists are invited to bring their easels, canvases and paints and spend the day painting on the historic beachfront campus, located at 6660 Manasota Key Road in Englewood. The event is open to the public and free of charge. Those who would like their work to be part of a judged exhibition and be eligible for prizes may register with the Englewood Art Center (EAC) for a pre-registration $25 fee, or $30 day of the event.



“This annual event has become very popular for local artists,” remarked Hermitage Executive Director Bruce Rodgers. “Our campus provides many picturesque opportunities for painters. We have five historic buildings, all architecturally unique, as well as natural landscaping that has been lovingly cared for by our Friends of the Hermitage. Occasionally wildlife in the form of a turtle or exotic bird also appears.  Lots to see and lots to paint in an old Florida setting.”

Arrival at the Hermitage on November 1st is between 8:30 and 9:00 am for registration. Painting will be from 9:00 to 2:00 pm. Registered artists may enter up to three pieces in the EAC exhibition which is located at 350 McCall Road, Englewood.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Work will remain on display until Wednesday, November 23rd.

To contact the Englewood Art Center about the event, call 941-474-5548 or visit the website at eac@ringling.edu. To learn more about the Hermitage Artist Retreat, visit the website at www.HermitageArtistRetreat.org or call 941-475-2098.

Long Pose Life Drawing Sessions

The Celery Barn Studio will conduct Long Pose Life Drawing open sessions beginning Monday, August 5, 2013 from 1:00-4:00 pm. $15. These 3hr. Single-pose sessions are open to anyone who likes to draw or paint in a quiet, relaxing environment . The models are great and the people are nice. Free coffee and tea.
Figure Study, Bill Jerdon
Figure Study, Bill Jerdon
The Celery Barn in Towles Court. Look for the Celery green building. Parking in the rear or on the street.
For additional information contact: Bill Jerdon -223-3829 or billjerdonart@yahoo.com.

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An Open Invitation by Kasey Lou Lindley

Hey there!

So, I moved back to Sarasota a short while ago. I was originally going to write about the fluctuating art scene in Sarasota, and why the youth feel compelled to move… but I’m over that now. I’m pretty nomadic myself, so I get it. AND, the Harvey Milk Festival happened, which was great, so thank you for that!

I’ve decided that what I would like to focus on is fostering and building up the alternative art community within, and close to, Sarasota. I’ve come to terms with its “ebb and flow” and I’ve decided I’d like to embrace it, and learn from it as well. Soooo, I’d like to propose an experiment of sorts. I’ve participated in several collectives, and I’d like to get another one going here. This “collective” wouldn’t really be about making money or specifically for visual arts either – it would mainly be for a learning experience, experimentation, and fun. Kind of like the Gutai Group, but different. I ‘m interested in bringing multiple aspects of the community together to create a contemporary Think Tank of sorts – this would entail art shows, open studios, group discussions, critiques, music, poetry; you name it. I envision this as an open group that is non-discriminatory. Are you currently a student or graduate? Great! Never been to art school? That’s great too! We can all learn from each other. I’m also interested in reaching out to writers, musicians, intellectuals, and folks outside of Sarasota as well (St. Pete? Tampa?). If you’re interested in this experiment, please feel free to contact me at Kaseylou20@gmail.com. Don’t be shy. I intend to be contacted by folks from all walks of life, which could make for something extremely interesting (and hopefully ambitious). I plan to be here for awhile!


Out-of-Door Academy Accepting Artist Submissions

The Out-of-Door Academy’s Uihlein Campus at Lakewood Ranch has gallery space available periodically for artist usage.

Community Art Gallery Hours and Information:

  • Monday through Friday – 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Guests must check into The Out-of-Door Academy administrative office to get a name tag in order to enter the school and gallery area.
  • The artists will include a contact name, phone number, web address or gallery on where a person can purchase his/her works of art.
  • The school will not sell or profit financially from sales of artwork and the artists will not be charged for the gallery space.

To apply, visit this link https://www.oda.edu/page.cfm?p=5632&LockSSL=true


For more information, view their website: http://www.oda.edu/